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Name:Carriero RPG
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You wake up to a white room. Chalk white, sterile, lifeless. Empty, except for you. You find others. Discover that you are not the only one that was brought here, that is kept here, that cannot leave. They will only laugh if you tell them to try; they have, and they've failed every time. They can't use magic, they can't use science, and they certainly can't use the laws of physics from their homeworlds to overturn their captors. "You're simply being unreasonable."

Or so they say. Anne and Linda, that is, the doctors, Carriero's sad and cruel approximation of caretakers, as they politely explain how many factors are out of their control. They tell you that everything they do is for your sake, that everything you have to go through will help you get better, that there are just a few unpleasant difficulties that will have to be endured until you can be returned, better than you ever were, to a home that will be much happier than how you left it. So why do you get the feeling that their tests, their tortures, their inexplicable absences, would be better suited to induce insanity instead of cure it?

Because things aren't as they should be. Because the functional computer that brought patients here, the diverse staff, their seemingly limitless access to all the worlds that ever were and would be, have all been badly damaged. Something happened long ago, something horrible, and the only two survivors whom you could ask what it was are publicly denying that it took place. You'll have to try to draw your own conclusions for the madness taking place...

Now officially closed and left up for archival only.
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